Keep Westville in Lumpkin

There seems to be a battle going on in the little city of Lumpkin, GA. One that concerns the citizens and weighs heavy on their hearts. For almost 50 years the little historic village of Westville has been their main focus for attracting people to the area. Now it seems that the Large City of Columbus wants to take that away. Yes, you heard me right... the board members are made of mostly of people who live in Columbus now, so they want to move it to Columbus. So ridiculous! Think about the time it will take to take down these houses and buildings and re-assemble them in another area. And it's all uncalled for. The simplest solution would be to invest in the adjoining area and make it more appealing to visitors. Something that the citizens need some help with. Check out this blog with more info of what's happening in Lumpkin, Georgia.